After the government released the RSHE draft guideline last week, we are still taking the time to digest the proposed changes. Our recommendation for our school partners is to read the draft guidelines and to consider whether the recommendations reflect the reality of the need among the young people in their schools with a view to submit a response to the review. 

Through our work with schools and our partnership with the NSPCC, the evidence clearly shows that RSHE is a key strategy to safeguard children and young people. Therefore we would like to better understand the evidence for the age based restrictions in the report. We would like to understand how in practice those would be implemented given the range of needs and experiences of young people, for example those growing up in homes affected by domestic violence.

We would encourage the review to consider the evidence base around RSE and what young people are saying they need related to RSE to feed into the consultation. 

We look forward to a number of conversations with our school partners in response to the consultation over the coming weeks. 

Please keep an eye out for our full response after half term.

Released 21st May 2024.