The Whole School Approach to RSHE

Life Lessons supports a whole school approach to teaching PSHE/RSHE. Fresh and current, we connect to the lives of your students using videos across our spiral curriculum and lessons, form time activities and teacher CPD.


“Michelin stars from me”

Life Lessons has made the lives of our PSHE teachers so much easier. Staff feel more in control of the lesson and of the conversations, and no longer feel like they have to divulge personal experiences in order to get pupils to engage with the class.

Kalpana Jegendirabose, Assistant Head Teacher, Haringey Learning Partnership


“Working with Life Lessons changed the entire way we teach PSHE!”

“Students are now engaged and actively participating in discussions. The content is targeted specifically toward each age group and it makes such a difference to receive information from peers on screen, people that look like them, that sound like them and who are living the same life right now.

My only complaint is that I didn’t find them sooner!”

Shirley Mitchell, Former Assistant Principal (Boarding and PSHE) DLD College London


“Life Lessons has given our staff confidence!”

“The overview spreadsheets are really helpful to see any updates to Life Lessons and ensure that our scheme of work marries along with that. Being a Life Lessons school has given us so much time back which is always a blessing because in education there’s never enough time, so anything that speeds up and gives us more time back is a winner.”

Philippa Rich, Acting Head Canbury School


“With Life Lessons…I felt like we covered every base!”

“In December 2022, we received the dreaded Ofsted call and a full 2 day inspection was upon us. 

Being new to the role of Head of PSHE, I sat down to prepare diligently that evening and realised that actually, I had so many positive things to say about our curriculum and Life Lessons in particular that I didn’t need to feel so worried. I felt really confident that we had all bases covered.”

Siobhan Graham, Head of PSHE and Year 7, Hemel Hempstead School


Be real, be inclusive, feel confident

We film young people from all over the UK, from different backgrounds, with different experiences and views. These short videos model the conversation to your students in the classroom making it easier for them to talk about topics such as healthy relationships, consent, puberty and sexual health – everything in the curriculum.

Partner schools access over 500 videos of young people and subject matter experts, including experts on FGM, gangs, consent lawyer, masculinity coach, sexual health professional, nutritionalist and many more. 

Our approach uniquely empowers your teachers to be confident facilitators.


Countering negative online attitudes

Make sure young people get a balanced view and read between the lines.

Our unique peer-led materials and set-up training support teachers to create a safe space in school for young people to discuss, reflect and critically evaluate online influences including from TikTok and Youtube.

New Blog
“10 Steps to Tackle Misogyny and Sexual Harassment in light of Influencers such as Andrew Tate”


I’m interested in being filmed, how can I get involved? expand

We put out a casting call every year and promote the filming opportunity on social media and in schools. If you’d like to get a notification drop us an email at

Do you have materials for teaching RSHE to SEN pupils? expand

Our video based format works well for many SEN pupils and Life Lessons is used in Special Needs Schools. All videos have subtitles. Also our ‘Experts’ video library is particularly useful as they show fact based videos on topics such as FGM and first aid.

How are your lessons created? expand

Our lessons are created by secondary teachers across the UK, each lesson then undergoes a multi-stage peer review process before being published. We continue to maintain and update lessons based upon evolving best practice, policy updates, lesson observations and feedback from our partner school.

Is there flexibility with pricing for very small schools, we are a PRU? expand

We partner with many APs and can consider pricing based upon smaller pupil size, set up a call and we’ll try to support your budget.

Do you deliver workshops in schools? expand

We deliver teacher CPD for RSHE remotely and in person. We can deliver pupil facing workshops, and if we can’t we can direct you to other great people that can! Get in touch to let us know what you need.

Is it possible to test Life Lessons before I buy? expand

Yes, we have a 1 month free trial available for all schools to test Life Lessons.

What you get access to with the trial:

  • Lesson Library (a selection of lessons for years 7-13)
    Discussion based, adaptable lessons that cover statutory requirements
  • Original and unique video Library (a selection of videos)
    Professionally produced videos of young people sharing their views and subject experts. These model the discussion to your pupils
  • In the News (a selection of lessons)
    Weekly topical, 15 minute lessons for form time or assemblies
  • LifeTalk (full access)
    A flexible classroom discussion tool to normalise conversations about key topics.
  • Teacher CPD (a selection of CPD videos)
    To support teachers to feel confident in delivering what can often be a challenging subject. Live training not included in the trial

Sign up for the free trial HERE.