NSPCC Partnership

In 2024, Life Lessons and NSPCC embarked on a partnership in order to support schools with safeguarding and behaviour across the UK.

Resource Development

The Whole-School Approach Framework

Evidence-based relationships and sex education (RSE) play a vital role in preventing abuse. Research has proven that RSE and promoting healthy relationships is most effective when set within the context of a whole school.

In order to achieve this and support schools; NSPCC and Life Lessons have developed a Whole-School Approach Framework for RSE. The purpose of this Framework is to support school leaders to implement a comprehensive whole-school approach to sex and relationships.

  • The new suite of resources consists of:

  • Evidence Base

    For a whole-school approach
  • Implementation Guide

    With step by step advice
  • The Framework

    Setting out eight components to a whole-school approach, each with benchmarks and examples
  • Snapshot Tool

    For self-assessing your sex and relationships provision
  • Action Plan

    This is a fully editable template
Our Shared Mission

The Partnership

NSPCC selected us to partner with them on this project due to our innovative video-based approach that puts young people and their voices at the centre of RSHE and our shared focus on supporting schools across the UK to adopt a whole school approach.

We also have a shared mission to ensure every young person can learn about relationships and sex in a safe environment that looks to prevent future abuse and harm. We want young people to receive in-depth RSHE that allows them to make good decisions and join society as valued members of their community.

We are thrilled that our hard work in the RSHE sector has been recognised by NSPCC and excited to continue to assist educators to promote healthy relationships in safe and inclusive school environments.

Life Lessons is the leading RSHE resource provider for schools in the UK and through this collaboration with the NSPCC we aim to create efficiencies, support your staff and enable our young people to lead healthy and safe lives.

Jamie O’Connell, Co-Founder of Life Lessons
This framework, with future accompanying resources, brings together evidence and innovation to create efficiencies for schools, build staff confidence and will help with parental transparency and involvement.

We’d like to work with you to ensure your colleagues and students will benefit from this exciting collaboration. Contact us to book a call about how this Framework can be used in your setting.