Life Lessons are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as an official RSHE curriculum partner for Oak National Academy. 

Oak National Academy is an independent public body that has been funded by the Department for Education (DfE) to create curricula and lessons for all National Curriculum subjects in England, at Primary and Secondary levels. 

New RHE for Primary and RSHE for Secondary materials comprises curriculum plans, lessons, quizzes and teacher videos, developed by Life Lessons in partnership with Oak, will be available from autumn 2024 with complete curriculum packages by autumn 2025. 

Curriculum and lessons will be available through the Oak National Academy website, where all materials will be made available in open government license form, meaning they can be downloaded and adapted by teachers. We are thrilled to have been chosen to be a Oak National Academy partner.

Life Lessons Co-Founder Jamie O’Connell comments:

Our mission at Life Lessons is to equip all young people with the skills and knowledge to be healthy, make good decisions and navigate the social and emotional complexities of life.

This work will ensure there are fewer barriers for teachers in schools to build and deliver a well-planned localised curriculum in RSHE.

We are pleased to have been awarded both the Primary and Secondary curriculum contracts so that we can look at the full education journey and support healthy relationships development early and at key transition periods.

Life Lessons will separately continue to develop our own curriculum and video materials. Partnering closely with schools nationally to support a holistic approach, one that benefits school culture, safeguarding, behaviour and equips young people with foundational life skills.

Quote from Geoff Wells RSHE Curriculum lead at Oak:

Life Lessons has developed a strong reputation for being an effective partner with schools across the UK. They have demonstrated an excellent understanding of statutory requirements and how to interpret that guidance for effective RSHE. As important is their awareness of the context both within schools and nationally within our communities where RSHE is delivered, considering the perspective of all pupils, teachers, leaders in education and parents. We are looking forward to working with Life Lessons on this project.

More information available here on the Oak National Academy website.