Our Approach

A whole school approach that supports a healthy school culture


  • Discussion Based
    Life Lessons works on a “Watch” “Discuss” and “Do” model which allows teachers to facilitate the discussion
  • Relatable
    We put young people at the heart of RSHE and encourage learners to interact with the material and relate it back to their own lives and experiences
  • Inclusive
    The Life Lessons video library models openness to your pupils and provides positive role models to reflect the diversity of young people

Lessons that meet more than just requirements

As a Life Lessons school you get access to all our fully planned lessons for students in years 7-13. We have designed these lessons to be as interactive as possible for your students and to reduce planning time for teachers

  • Discuss

    Discussion based lessons that promote oratory skills
  • Our Method

    Using our simple pedagogical approach: Watch, Discuss, Do
  • Adaptable Lessons

    1 hour lessons adaptable for teaching in 30 minute form time
  • Accessible

    Available in Google Slide or Powerpoint format
  • Statutory Requirments

    Covering statutory requirements incl. mental wellbeing, consent, healthy relationships, pornography
Video Library

Get expertise on everything

With over 300+ professionally produced videos that present points of view from peers, panel discussions and professionals your students will connect with difficult subjects in a familiar format.

  • Peer led videos

    Real, diverse young people sharing their views on all RSHE topics, from mental health to consent. These unscripted, peer led videos are relatable to your pupils and help them connect the topics with their own lives.
  • Experts on film

    A wide range of experts supporting teachers to facilitate outstanding RSHE lessons by discussing facts around key topics. Our experts include a lawyer, a sexual health expert and a first aid expert amongst others.

‘In the News’ lessons & LifeTalk

Our “In The News” lessons are delivered straight to your inbox every week. They are topical, 15 minute lessons designed to be used in form time, assemblies or during curriculum time. They are great for student engagement and we love hearing your recommendations for news topics.

Let’s normalise conversations about key RSHE topics. LifeTalk is a flexible classroom discussion tool to enhance your whole-school approach to RSHE. LifeTalk is more than just discussion prompts though! Each discussion prompt is followed by a video of a group of young people discussing the question, followed by a reflection task.

  • In the News

    Teacher notes include themes covered and suggested discussion prompts, follow up material to continue the conversation and signposting to support resorures
  • LifeTalk

    Use LifeTalk to facilitate group discussions between pupils in a controlled and fun way. Questions are designed to develop empathy and respect between pupils.

Teacher CPD and Ongoing Support

Our CPD library helps to support teachers to feel confident in delivering what can often be a challenging subject. 

Our experienced team is also here to support your RSHE lead and teachers throughout the year.

  • Teacher CPD

    Our CPD library contains bitesize videos on a variety of topics from challenging banter, to dealing with non consensual image sharing.
  • Ongoing Support

    Half termly progress review calls, 30 minute complimentary best practice training and a more bespoke 30 minute training for each year of renewal. A monthly newsletter for best practice, content and updates.

Life Lessons supports teachers to deliver outstanding relationships, sex and health education

We aspire to a world where all young people are equipped to be healthy, make good decisions and navigate the social and emotional complexities of life.


Life Lessons Beginning

Life Lessons founders Nicole and Jamie met in 2019 when both were accepted onto the UCL backed Edtech accelerator Educate. Both had different start up ideas that they were exploring but it became clear, when they chatted over a sandwich at lunch, that there was a great deal of common ground. Both share a passion for removing inequalities from education, whether as a consequence of economic background, gender or location.

​When the UK government announced changes to the statutory requirements for teaching Relationships and Sex education in schools Nicole and Jamie recognised the challenge for schools. As with many of the best ideas, Life Lessons was first imagined in a pub. Nicole applied her experience as a PSHE teacher and education leader; Jamie was an advocate of relatable peer based support from his time at The Student Room and Unibuddy.

They set out to create video resources that would be relatable to young people in the classroom, fully inclusive and that would actively challenge systemic issues such as gender stereotyping and the hetronormative teaching of the subject. To produce a scalable solution so all schools could benefit and teachers would feel empowered to deliver
a challenging subject.


Meet the Life Lessons Team

Our team is made up of experts in their respective fields, each working together to better support teachers, schools and young people.

Nicole Rodden
Nicole Rodden


Nicole Rodden (MA, BA, PGCE) is a former Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) teacher with Teach First. Nicole co-founded the award-winning organisation Life Lessons, with the mission to help pupils to be healthy, make good decisions and navigate the social and emotional complexities of life. They do this by supporting teachers to deliver evidence-based, peer-led relationships, sex and health education. They currently support over 200 schools and alternative provisions across the UK. Prior to this, she undertook a Masters in Education Leadership at UCL and was Programme and Training Manager at Education Charity, Team Up.

Jamie O’Connell
Jamie O’Connell


Jamie O’Connell has, for over 12 years, applied innovation to education; growing a number of education technology businesses that successfully support student learning and progression. Jamie has a particular interest in the positive power of peer based learning and influence, this started when he was part of the founding team at The Student Room and more recently as Director of Strategic Development at Unibuddy. Jamie and his co-founder Nicole Rodden have set out to scale the provision of high quality life skills education and to prove its impact, starting with relationships and sex education fit for the modern world.

April Smith
April Smith
School Partnership Manager

Schools Partnership Manager

April’s role is to support your whole school approach to RSHE programme delivery and she is your first point of contact when you become a Life Lessons school. Before April joined Life Lessons, she was teaching MFL in a secondary academy and was also Head of Year so she is best placed to support you as a school.

April loves to craft and has her own Etsy shop, she also has two rescue cats, CeeCee and Ava, who love to make an appearance during meetings – keep an eye out!

Georgia Latief
Georgia Latief
Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

Georgia is our Content Marketing Manager and takes care of all things content and marketing related at Life Lessons including blogs, resources, testimonials, emails, managing our social media accounts, graphic design and website upkeep.

Before joining Life Lessons, Georgia worked for an education recruitment company and a safeguarding company both based in Wales. She is originally from New Zealand and has a background in theatre and media studies.

Georgia is an Cross Fit enthusiastic, can’t whistle and listens to a disturbing amount of true crime podcasts.

Annika Hagel
Annika Hagel
Learning Manager

Learning Manager

As Learning Manager, Annika creates and reviews Life Lessons learning content in collaboration with our team and external experts. Holding a MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities from LSE, she brings in-depth knowledge of diversity, inclusion and sexual and reproductive health.

When she isn’t developing new content for Life Lessons, Annika works on behaviour change interventions and research for non-profit organisations. She loves snails and prides herself in being able to wiggle her ears independently of one another.

Lewis Wedgwood
Lewis Wedgwood
Schools Relationships Executive

School Relationships Executive

Lewis is our School Relationships Executive and is responsible for reaching out to schools and building our network.

Before joining Life Lessons, he taught history science and PSHE in London for 8 years.

Lewis spends a lot of time in cinemas and loves reading history, particularly that of twentieth century revolutions.