Our SEN Learner Initiative

At Life Lessons, it is so important to us that our approach to teaching RSHE is inclusive of all students, including SEN students, so that as many young people as possible can access this subject and feel as prepared as possible for life outside of the classroom. 

The teachers we work with do an amazing job of tailoring materials to their school, classes and individual students but we want to support this process and make sure all young people have the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them. 

Our school partners have been communicating that they want us to do more to support their students with special education needs (SEN) and that the need for this support is rapidly growing.

Therefore we are excited to share that we are embarking on an inclusive SEND learner initiative so that we can understand the methods that work for supporting a spectrum of neurodivergent learners in order to best support all young people and their schools.

To do this, we asked our current partners to invite us into their schools so that we can observe, listen and learn from the teachers and students about what is needed to effectively teach this subject. We are visiting both specialist and mainstream schools to see how the approach might differ in different settings and we will be sharing updates as we go.

The end result of the initial stage of our project will be a report of our findings to support schools with teaching RSHE to SEND students. Following this, we hope to be able to support schools with some of the adaptations needed for teaching RSHE to SEND students.