With the academic year coming to an end, we hosted our annual Summer Showcase to celebrate successes and achievements of our partner schools.

We think RSE / PSHE Leads and teachers may be the hardest working people in schools! They are certainly contenders! And as the academic year comes to an end, it’s time for a well earned rest – The summer holidays are about to start!!!

Celebrating our Partner Schools Achievements

Last week we hosted the Life Lessons Summer Showcase event, an opportunity to bring together all our partner schools from across the UK, to reflect together on our combined achievements over the past academic year and to share with our partners the new developments they can expect for Autumn term.

Jess at Yewlands Academy shared how they had achieved significantly improved teacher buy-in and improvements to their staff confidence

Cavan at Salford City Academy shared how they have been able to deliver a spiral curriculum with each year group receiving high quality differentiated materials.

 Rebs at Hythe Academy shared how they have been able to get more conversation going using the Life Lessons videos

A few schools shared that they have been successful in getting dedicated timetable time now for the teaching of Personal Development, moving away from a restrictive 20/30min tutor time.

Congratulations! Your achievements make RSE more engaging and relevant to pupils and build up teacher confidence. We’re looking forward to supporting you further come September.

Celebrating Life Lessons’ Achievements

It has also been an important year for Life Lessons…

Life Lessons now partners with over 200 schools

We’ve grown this year to now supporting over 200 all over the UK – from tiny PRUs and SEN schools to very large mainstream state and independent schools. 

The map below shows how our partner schools are distributed. In rural and urban settings.

It’s testament to the flexibility of our materials.

Our Team Grew

We welcomed April as our School Partnership Manager and Georgia as our Content Marketing Manager. Both have made a huge difference to our ability to support our partner schools.

We welcomed our first schools outside of the UK

We welcomed our first school partners from outside the UK, two international schools one in Europe and one in the Middle East.

Life Lessons won an award

In April we were named as recipients of the 2023 Scaling award by The Fair Education Alliance (FEA). We are excited to be now working more closely with the FEA and in the first instance this will include an evaluation framework project to demonstrate the impact of Life Lessons in our partner schools. 

We visited 17 schools across the UK and learned a lot!!!

One of our most important achievements was to visit schools all over the UK, to watch our materials being used in the classroom, to speak to PSHE Leads, to run focus groups with pupils and teachers. We learned so much, all of which is influencing updates to our materials this summer.

It also brings us full circle with this blog post – visiting schools we see first hand the amazing work leaders and teachers are doing all across the UK. We have huge respect for what you do and our goal is to help make you more efficiency, more impactful and effective.

Enjoy the summer holidays you deserve the rest and we will support you to achieve even more amazing things come September.