October is Black History Month (BHM) and we believe it is extremely important for teachers to share information with their students on the importance of celebrating BHM.

What is Black History Month and how can we celebrate it?

Black History Month is celebrated every year to make visible the history of Black people in the UK which often is underrepresented in mainstream history storytelling.

It is important for all people in the UK to learn about Black history, as it is a big part of the country’s overall story. It’s needed to recognise the achievements of Black people, and to understand social issues including racism today.

There are many ways to celebrate BHM – one important way is learning about Black people’s history in your community, and potentially students’ families. We should all be proactive in learning more about Black history.

Why does it matter whose stories we hear?

We celebrate BHM because Black stories are less visible in mainstream history – this has big consequences on individuals’ identities and society as a whole. 

Who gets to tell their stories is a question of power. Those in power get their stories heard a lot more than those that are marginalised. Leaving out Black stories has been made possible by racist and colonial attitudes that centre “white” history. 

In general, it is very beneficial for us to hear other people’s stories and empathize with them – it makes us realise that we are all human and face similar struggles.

Downloadable Resources

Free Lessons on Black History Month

To mark BHM, our team at Life Lessons has worked with Dana Saxon, Founder of ‘Ancestors Unknown’, to create a series of videos and lessons for use in form time during the month.

These lessons include:

  • Difficult questions students may ask
  • Main messages
  • Videos from subject experts
  • Discussion points
  • Class activities

Download the lessons by filling in the form.