Media Policy

By consenting to the Life Lessons Media Policy you grant Life Lessons an irrevocable royalty-free license to use all written materials, video footage and photographs submitted.
It includes:

  • all footage taken of you, including rushes (footage that is taken but is not included in a final video);
  • all sound recording taken of you;
  • any still images taken from the video;
  • any quotes (written quotes taken from what you have said during the filming); and
  • any photographs taken of you.

You understand that footage and photographs may be used at different times and that you will not be contacted each time.

You understand and also give permission that any video footage may be edited or altered to be used in other videos and the final decision with the editing rests with Life Lessons.

You are aware that any video footage, photographs or stories shared via social media could be shared further through external websites and digital platforms including national and international broadcasting and media outlets both print and online.

Some of the ways footage or photographs might be used include:

  • on the Life Lessons platform which will be available in schools from 2020
  • on social media (Facebook and Twitter for example)
  • video-hosting platforms (YouTube and Vimeo for example)

Other content created

Any other content that creators for Life Lessons publish on their own channels, that is not commissioned by Life Lessons, is not associated in any way with Life Lessons and the opinions and views in that content are not the opinions and views of the Life Lessons team and business.

If you have questions please contact