Welcome to Life Lessons

A new way to learn about Relationships and Sex in school.
Every season we will feature different students and young people sharing their Life Lessons.
Meet the group that we filmed summer 2020 in the video below…

Season 1/Module 1 [Click the links below]

You are not alone if you felt unhappy during lockdown, but for many there were positives too. In our 4 ‘Wellbeing lessons’ young people share what it was like for them and what worked to get through it. You may be able to relate to some of the stories shared.

Watch and reflect on your own needs and on how the experience was for you. Identify techniques that can help you manage life ups and downs.

Lesson 1 – Together we will explore methods for ‘self care’ and strategies for managing anxiety.

Lesson 2 – Reflect together on life in lockdown, the highs and lows. Things aren’t always good or bad but can often be a mixture of the two.

Lesson 3 – In challenging time some relationships get stronger, others are tested. We can reflect together on the way our relationships, with family and friends may have been affected and what helped us feel connected.

Lesson 4 – Right now things are still pretty weird, let’s recognise those things and consider ways to stay positive and to thrive in our current situation.