Questions you might have…

How much will the contributors be paid?

We are paying people £11 per hour for their time plus travel expenses (average time 2-3 hrs). In time, our aim is to pay people more as soon as we are able to do so.

Where is this being filmed?

The production day will be in London, the exact location is to be confirmed.

What date is the filming?

The filming will take place within the first two weeks of August, the exact date is to be confirmed.

What preparation is there to do before the day?

Before the filming day, we will send across the briefing questions that we will be asking on the three topics of: consent, healthy relationships and me in the world. We will ask you to prepare your answers to these questions in advance.

Is the studio space COVID-19 safe?

Yes. The studio space follows covid-19 safety measures. All contributors need to bring a mask with them.